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MLK for President?!?

Martin Luther King for President?!?

In honor of Rev. Dr. Marting Luther King Jr., we are dissecting and analyzing documents, testimonies and judgments concerning the rise of Martin Luther King, the conspiracies and cover-ups.


You may work on your own or on a team of two or three people. You can use the links that I have included to get started, but you must find more information with original primary sources. Unedited video is permissible as evidence but video clips that have been cut to show a particular point of view are not allowed.


All sources must be digitally attached/linked to your final document. Any facts that are not attributed to a source will result in a ZERO. Copying more than 5 words from any particular document or video without attribution will result in a ZERO.


Choose partners wisely. Their zero will become your zero.


This is a news feature that will make front page news.  #1500 words approx.

Article must be well written, include pics with captions, a proper headline and sources. This will be turned in digitally by Friday, January 19. We will review all student work in class. If it is not turned in and viewable by the START of class it will not be graded. You have MISSED the DEADLINE!

100 Extra Publishing points to the person or team selected for publication.

Good luck.


Pepper Speaking on An Act of State

New Evidence

King Family Statement

William Pepper Vid

William Church Hearings

Dick Gregory

Joe Brown

Louis Farrakhan

 Lula Mae Shelby (Johnton Shelby)

White Rabbit

Billy Kyle

New Politics

King 3 Evils

Joe Brown on Hoover

Education Sparticus


Journalism History and Ethics

The Bones of Journalism

In this 6-week unit, we are looking at the beginning of American Journalism and the rules and laws that govern journalism. Our blogs are going to reflect the learning in class and your independent reading. In order to be successful, you have to take responsibility for reading and completing smaller tasks on your own. We will not cover every topic in class, but you are still responsible for everything in the Resource Packet.

This Week you are Writing an editorial, feature and hard news story.

You are Watching some movies.

You are Completing parts of the packet.

You are Reading the textbook.

State of Emergency

The school newspaper is short on articles and you are challenged with filling in the gap. Every quality article turned in by midnight on Sunday, October 22, will receive an additional 20 extra credit points. Any article that actually gets published will receive an additional 200 points. Three well written articles are due by Friday for all students even if you are not competing.

Here are the topics:

Senior night volley ball

Senior night football

Senior night track

Homecomong pep rally

Homecoming dance

Homecoming king interview

Homecoming queen interview

Spirit week

Friday hallway band jam

Homecoming game

Hispanic heritage assembly

Cesar Chavez

Luis llorens torres


Hispanic heritage conference (after school program only)

Culinary arts program at thornton (interview a chef and a student)

Woods program at thornton (interview Mr Bibbie and a student)

Navistar program at thornton (interview pearson or allred and a student)


Please forgive my typing. I am using my phone to post.

Be diligent and resourceful.

May the most determined journalist win!

One Quarter Down

We did it! We did it!

We have entered second quarter.  We survived first quarter.  We may have some bumps and bruises but we are better for it. The haters tried to stop us but we prevailed. Education’s notorious enemies, Procrastination and Blame, thought they had us, but we got away. We have survived! We have survived! We have survived!

I’m a Survivor! Write a personal journal, editorial, or narrative that dissects your feelings and experiences during first quarter. The reader should get a sense of your struggles and successes and how you are going to move forward from here. This should be be 500-1000 words of the most thought provoking writing you have shown to date.

Breast Cancer  It’s time to write the hard news story that follows your breast cancer interview. Using your interview notes and 2 other sources from the web or additional interviewees, write a hard news story that informs about the dangers, process and survival rates of breast cancer. You must also inform readers of local events or groups that can help them understand and  deal with breast cancer. This is a feature store and should be 500-1000 words, with citations.


Last, F. M. (Date Published). Web page title. Retrieved from Homepage URL


Last name, F. M. (Year, Month Day of Interview). Interview by F. M. Last name [Format of Interview].


Literary Magazine

Now is the time to explore examples of great literary magazines.  Check out these magazines.


Literary_Magazine_5_13_14 (1)-s2t7ah




What similarities do the magazines have?

+Prepare an article that tells how to create a lit mag (literary magazine).

+Prepare three items to add to our lit mag, Reign Purple. You must create at least one item, but you may solicit items from Thornton students or alumni as well. You must upload submissions to your blog so that your peers can critique the work. Reign Purple editors will choose well written and diverse items to include in publication. Items must be uploaded by Friday,  October 13.

New Info Added on 10/11 :::::::::

The Quiz and Quill

Full Circle

NCTE Lit Mag Comp


The Wit


End the Month with a Bang!!!!!!!!!!

We have had an awesome September with great weather, great new classmates and relatively few fights. Phew! We are off to an excellent start.


Now let’s get ready to end this terrific first month with a bang. We have three things to focus on right now: The First Amendment contest, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Bullying Awareness Month.

  • The First Amendment is a creative piece that defends our right to the five freedoms as discussed in my last post. When you have finished your post. Here is the link to the contest entry form.
  • For Breast Cancer Awareness Month you are to interview a survivor and a family/friend of a survivor. Take a picture of them and let them tell you their story. Use a recorder to tape the conversation. You must transcribe the interview (write the question and answers by Friday’s class.  (Next week we will do more with this assignment) Here are some possible interview questions. 
  • For Bullying Awareness Month, we are creating a Public Service Announcement. You are writing the script for a PSA that we will work on for the next few weeks. This week write a script according to the attached parameters. The entire writing should take 30 seconds to read. Since this is going on your blog, add a picture or graphic to highlight your work.


Hispanic Heritage Month Begins

Hello Happy People,

We are moving into an exciting time of appreciating the Hispanic influence in America. Sometimes we think this is America and we stand alone, but I wouldn’t want to be a part of America without Quesadillas, Street Corn and a little Salsa (the dance not the condiment). Moreover, I give great honor to the Latin exercise craze, Zumba. I lost 40 pounds keeping the rhythm of those fast paced Latin grooves.

  1.  Find some items or people that you appreciate about the Hispanic culture in America. Write a blog that celebrates the culture in America. You must include links to evidence of your item or people. Also embed a video and a picture in your blog. The video can be something you found online (Cite the source), but the picture must be taken by you.
  2. Track the horrible hurricanes that have been hitting the gulf. Are there more to come? How should people  get ready for them? Is America safe? How can we Mid-westerners help? Cite your sources. Include an infographic that portrays the path of the storm.
  3. More about the storm. Find interviews or social media threads that relate to the storms. Investigate one story that would be considered human interest and develop the story using social media, interviews and google. Cite your sources.
  4. Prepare your minds to defend our Constitutional Rights. As Journalists, we must defend our First Amendment Right to Free Speech.  The Amendment States:

Prepare yourself to enter the ADL First Amendment Art and Essay Contest. Check out the video below.


ADL Our First Amendment Freedoms Art and Essay Contest
Students Grades 7-11
Students can submit an essay or work of art addressing this topic:
“Describe or portray how one or more of the five freedoms in the First Amendment personally affects your daily life in the 21st Century.”
First Place winners will receive $5,000
Second Place winners will receive $1,000
The teacher with the most entries will receive $1,000
Submission Deadline: September ‌29, 2017

Edublog Rocks!!

Happy September!!!!

I am determined to believe this is going to be the best year EVER!

We have the privilege of chronicling all of the wonderful events that happen in our school community and the world. We can also cautiously present what is happening in our personal lives.

Remember that we are in charge of uplifting and inspiring as well as informing. So, be mindful of your Wildcat Spin when you type.

This Week’s Assignments are: 

  1. Create an Edublog, connect to my class, and customize your blog
  2. Write an article that introduces yourself to the world- be careful not to include identifiers
  3. Write an article that responds to 9/11
  4. Write an article that responds to Hurricane Irma
  5. Write a response to 3 of your classmates’ blogs. Add to their insight, challenge their thinking, be honest.